Friday, 3 August 2018

A Letter to myself

Dear Wulan,

I know things get harder nowdays and your anxiety makes it worse, but I know you grow up as a strong woman, and as time goes by you become even stronger and wiser. It's okay Wulan if you did mistakes, humans did a lot of mistakes too and it just made them a real human, it's okay if you did a bad choice, you passed all of the opportunities, you didn't know how to use your heart properly, it's okay after all.

Now, I know you can accept questions which can't be answered in this universe, you can let everything goes, in the named of your inner peace. You did it well Wulan. And also, you have to know that you can't  control everything, every single thing.

I proud of you Wulan, you cried almost of the night, but you still have a beautiful smile in the morning and at the rest of that day, except at night hahhahaa. I know you lost most of the people that you love, it's devastating, and you are devastated I know, but you can still woke up in the morning, face the day and still alive, see??

I know you still figure all the things out, your love, your family, your passion. It's okay Wulan, it's totally okay, one thing is not okay is when you overthink everything. There's something in this life that you have to do, don't ask why, and everything will be okay, and off course you're gonna be just fine.

Hey Wulan, Should I tell you again that I do proud of you!! Life is complicated Wulan so please dont make it more complicated. Believe me, you always be my favorite human in this universe. and if you don't have anyone to be your supporter, you have to remember that you will always have me as your supporter no. 1

From your biggest fan


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